Make your products make a difference with respect to competitors thanks to a new quality standard.

The ECO20® seal counts on the certification of Bureau Veritas, an accredited entity to certify energy management systems or environmental management and it guarantees that the energy used in the manufacturing process has 100% solar origin, with no environmentally unfriendly greenhouse gas emissions.

ECO20 - made solar energy

ECO20® is based in White Certificates, an instrument issued by the European Commission which certifies that a determined amount of electric energy has been ob- tained from the sun in a determined period of time. This warranty system allows any industry to certify that the origin of its consumption comes from solar sources.

ECO20 Silver
(50-70% self-consumption)

ECO20 Gold
(70-80% self-consumption)

ECO20 Platinum
(>80% self-consumption)


Bureau Veritas


The ultralight flexible panels (eArche@) allow us to offer more efficient self-consumption and net-metering solutions, of lower cost and on surfaces or areas not suitable for other systems.

Energy efficiency

  • Reduction of electricity bill by consuming renewable kWh.
  • Installation amortization from 6 years (depending on the kWh price).
  • Installation lifetime of 25 years.
  • Uninterrupted power supply during daytime (back-up installation).
  • CO2 savings by consuming renewable kWh

Business image

  • Warranties of Origin are applied for at the CNMC for every self-consumed kWh.
  • Every product packaged within the installations will have a “green” certificate.
  • Compensation of other non-renewable electricity consumptions.
  • Competitive advantage due to the business certificate with renewable energy use.
  • No need to look for power suppliers with warranties of origin.
  • Any location belonging to the business group is valid to compensate kWh and apply for warranties of origin.
  • Not self-consumed kWh (weekends, etc…) are not wasted, but compensated by a good brand image.
  • Rooftop installations currently receiving income from Royal Decrees (RD) cannot say they self-consume renewable energy. They trade with it.
  • Diffusion in specialized media.


The PSFU (eArche@) range of products will change the vision on how solar energy can be developed in any market, making it more accessible and economic for all users.

PSFU (eArche@) Technical Information

Ultralight Solar Flexible Panel
Ultralight Solar Flexible Panel
Ultralight Solar Flexible Panel

Transform any building structure surface into a renewable electricity generator

Transform any building into a renewable electricity generator

Ultralight Solar Flexible Panel
Ultralight Solar Flexible Panel

The PSFU (eArche@) products are own developed and patented technology, and have a Price similar to conventional panels, but with all the advantages of the PSFU (eArche@) technology and the savings in the supporting structure.


Certifications Ultralight Solar Flexible Panel

Questions? We have answers


Control the cost of your energy

We offer you the chance to predict and manage the energy you consume, as well as its cost. Our customers get renewable energy with no initial investment and for less than they would currently pay for electricity. These advantages of solar energy protect you from future tariff increases and from the volatility of the electricity market prices.

We make switch-to-solar simple

TSO is an all-in-one solar energy supplier. Our team takes over every step of the project, including financing, engineering, installation, maintenance and continuous system monitoring.

Monitorización completa de la producción solar y consumo de la red eléctrica

All TSO installations include complete system monitoring.

  Cash Loan PPA
No upfront capital  
Deferred payment   Your choice
(up to 20 years)
10 years
Owner You You TSO
The South Oracle
Monthly rate   Fixed Variable
(depending on the energy consumed)
You only pay what you consume    
Guaranteed production
Insurance and Warranties

The PPA contract offered by TSO

No upfront capital investment

Pay only the energy you consume

A reliable partner for the whole lifetime of the project

Speeds the process of solar energy

Reduce your financial risk (it will not be included in risk assessments in Spanish CIRBE)

Flat rate agreed at €/kWh consumed from the solar installation for 10 years. After end of contract, the installation becomes 100% property of the customer.

Monitorización instalación Patatas Arrebola

The subsidy is received 18-24 months after the contract is signed. The final subsidy will depend on the solar irradiation during the first 12 months of the contract (only for companies based in Andalusia).

Services included in the 10-year flat rate:

  • Engineering, installation and start up of the solar installation, with ultralight flexible solar panel (eArche®) and top-quality materials.
  • Monitoring and control of the installation, as well as tracing of energy performance.
  • Full maintenance of the installation, including preventive/predictive (smart solar maintenance) and corrective. A biannual inspection with drones and IR/EL cameras (thermographic and electroluminescent) is included.
  • Full warranty of the installation and all its components.
  • Certification of the ECO20 seal “Made with solar energy” by ENAC accredited entity.
  • Transfer of the ECO20 seal to include it into the customer’s corporate image.
  • Energy assessment by TSO.
  • Free monitor at reception for the installation. It will show, in real time, generated and consumed solar kWh, as well as avoided CO2, daily and cumulated savings, etc…


Consulting and Engineering

  • Study of current electricity demand.
  • Design of optimized solar PV installation.
  • BOPV specialized BIM project.
  • Project Management of the installation.

Includes additional architectural project by the Official College if wished by the customer (fibrocement or unstable rooftops).

Financing and Subsidies

  • Assessment in financing the solar installation.
  • Management of energy subsidies.
  • Assessment in energy sale as “prosumer” (approval pending in Spain).

Installation and setup

  • Complete installation of all elements.
  • Set up of the whole system, including remote monitoring. Every TSO installation includes one monitor for businesses and one tablet for homes, which will show solar generation and consumption.
  • Maintenance of installation (to contract later, except with PPA).

Marketing and diffusion

Certification as sustainable company (Certificate by ENAC accredited entity):

  • Assessment to obtain the warranties of origin.
  • Welcome Pack (graphic material for the company, diploma, stickers, logo, etc.).
  • Marketing campaign for customer diffusion (to contract later).


Through a brief form, we ask for the data we need to make a project proposal.


By looking at your current consumptions, we will be able to make a more reliable self-consumption proposal.
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